Hermit´s Cabin 1991. This image is taken from The exhibition Drei heilige könige, Museum die angewante Kunst,Köln 2000.

Hermit´s Cabin is produced by Arvesund since 2000. ( first presentation with Källemo 1991 )


Hermit´s Cabin is produced by Arvesund . The first presentation was made by Källemo at the Sthlm Furniture fair in 1991.


Interior of the hut. The Hermit´s Cabin kit comes with a custom-made interior including a stove. The house is winter insolated.

The book describes how to assemble the Hemit´s Hut kit but also how to build the house yourself. It also contains more relevant information about living in the woods and a essae of hermits´life / solitude.  Swedish text 1991.

Exhibition version. 1997.